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When it feels like being in space, where there is no gravity, like being in a dark room, where there are no spectators but only participants. Then you are deep in the gaylactic, unisexual, genderfluid techno spaceship disguised as a club. With the queer struck spaceship Gaylaktika , we are on tour to discover foreign cities, unknown celebrations and new musicalisations.

10 years ago we discovered a colourful planet full of joie de vivre.  The Gaylaktika has landed on the third planet seen from the sun. Situated in the most exclusive solar system of the Milky Way, just in the liveliest quarter of the universe, on Earth. Now we fly from city to city because nowhere else in the universe could we refuel so openly, multicoloredly and tolerantly free energy, which we need to fly.

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After hosting Gaylaktika cheerfully in the unisexual universe for the past 10 years, on the most open and colorful planets ever, it is now time to celebrate with Gaylaktika on your planet and city. Gaylaktika goes on tour!
We come peacefully, with music, DJ’s, location, decoration, artists, drinks, disco ball, glitter, unicorns, love and so on. The trunk of our spaceship is big. We bring everything, you don’t need to worry about anything. You only need to bring you and your friends, a ticket to the party and a colorful, open mindset. Then, you can fly with us through the night, through the unisexual universe – and if you want: tour from city to city with us.
The first stop will be on the 5th of October at the SkyClub in Leipzig, where the two aliens DJane Acina and DJ Atimo will provide us with music and make us dance through the night. But not just us. Even the whole universe. The international space station ISS is jealous and would like to have such parties like Gaylaktika on board of their spaceship. But nobody prevents them from coming to Leipzig for Gaylaktika too. And after that, even to the other cities on tour.

See you!

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Santi Storm

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Fixie Fate

Vocal House

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Bus Ticket DD - LPZ

Tickets für die gaylaktische Bus Tour zur Gaylaktika in Leipzig gibt es ab dem 1. August 2019.


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