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Gaylaktika 2017 - offizielle Party zum CSD in Dresden

Gaylaktika Intro Video

A pride party on Christopher Street Day without a political message is not a worthy party on the occasion of the CSD. Every year we do our best to do just that and deal with various political events around the world on the subject of LGBT. This is exactly what we try to show in our video intro, which is always played at around midnight, before the Gaylaktika Party really starts.

Gaylaktika Intro 2014

Gaylaktika Intro 2013

After Movie - Gaylaktika auf dem CSD in Dresden

Gaylaktika Demo Wagen auf dem CSD Dresden

Gaylaktika Werbe Teaser

Gaylaktika 2016 Teaser

Gaylaktika 2015 Teaser

Gaylaktika 2014 Teaser

Gaylaktika 2013 Teaser